CDR-Express is a software package to make it easier to report on the calls in your Cisco Unified Communications Manager.  The software is used by a wide variety of industries including: banking, municipal government, education, manufacturing, non-profit and more.  Whatever your industry, you can count on CDR-Express for an affordable solution to your call reporting needs.


From the beginning, ease of use and affordability have been important in the development of CDR-Express.  Because of this, all of the reports included with CDR-Express are easy to run and easy to read.  Cost is important too and CDR-Express is easy on the budget not only from a purchase and maintenance perspective but also from a hardware and software requirement perspective.  Check out our System Requirements for more details.  All this ease of use and low cost doesn’t mean you have to scrimp on features.  CDR-Express comes with many features and continues to add features that you need.  Here’s just a quick look at some of the features currently available.

  • Ad hoc single number, multi-number, and by CCM user reports.
  • 911 call reports for instant access to 911 calls.
  • Saved reports for repeated reporting on the same groups of numbers.
  • Export to CSV for further manipulation of the data.
  • Authentication system with privilege levels for users.

And much more.  We also continue to add functionality to the product.


The code base for CDR-Express started in 2001 when John Welsh, one of our founders, was working for a municipal government.  His manager needed to be able to report on calls to a specific number in the organization and did not have budget to purchase an expensive CDR package.  John looked into the reporting included with the CallManager and knew that it would not suffice.  So he went about writing a simple reporting application to get the information that his managers wanted.

Over the years, CallManager changed into Unified Communications Manager and the CDR project that John started as something for a specific need in his organization developed into a full fledged product that organizations in many different industries have found a use for.  CDR-Express continues to evolve and our users have played a large part in helping determine what features will be added to the next version.